Friday, August 20, 2010

A Dedication

About a year ago, Susan Halttunen, a good friend and a fine designer, made me aware of Nick Olsen, who is a rising star in the New York design world. When I Googled Nick, I discovered that he had a blog, and so was introduced to the world of blogging. I quickly discovered so many interesting and beautifully designed sites from all over, and I realized that I also had things to share with the blogging community. This then  inaugurates All Things Ruffnerian, a Design Blog and More — all those passions I'd love to share with you! So a special thanks to Susan for the inspiration, and I hope you enjoys my posts!


  1. How fun! This blog is so YOU. The Irish key design is gorgeous and how lovely to have it in different colors. I'll feed you dinner one night if you will help me get a blog up and going..... is that in the realm of possibility?

  2. really enjoying this Mark2!!!

  3. MARK!!
    WOW! I love your work - I have always - and this is the perfect project/outlet for you: educational and inspirational!
    I have spent my morning thoroughly enjoying your beautiful blog of all things beautiful (i.e Ruffnarian)
    My only gripe with blogs is that all writing is set in dizzy TAHOMA with little options for expression (caps, ital)

  4. Thanks for visiting, Lee'bert! Hi praise from one of my favorite artists! Did you know I've saved a file of every illustration of yours that ever came my way?