Monday, October 11, 2010

Pedestrian Revise

Consider the poor pedestrian. Footless and without hands, he plods along with nary a thought in his bubble head. And the really sad part of it all is that he's meant to represent both you and me. The image has bothered me for as long as I've looked at this fellow, and I think it's high time we did something about it! So let's restore his appendages, introduce fun accessories, and finally give our little guy some long-deserved personality.


  1. What an amusing subject for a post. I agree that the hand-less symbols take minimalism too far. Just today in the newspaper, I saw some similar, stylized, human form symbols such as these. The legs and arms were more tapered towards the end than in the usual signs, and this looked considerably more natural.

    I've always admired how graphics designers can get such perfect, crisp edges. Must be a trade secret.

  2. One of the secrets is to work big and then reduce the image. I discovered long ago that most things look better reduced. The funny thing is, though, that the reverse is often true. The tiny detail enlarged 400 per cent can look stunning.