Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Season of Mercury Glass

Mercury glass is that wonderful double-walled glass with a silvering solution captured between the closed layers. I've always been intrigued with it, especially when the glass is made to look oxidized, probably because one doesn't often see a shiny patina. If you like mercury glass too, and are thinking of collecting it, this would be the time to start — it's everywhere this year! I'm seeing lots of mercury glass in small gift shops, as well as national stores like Pottery Barn.

I hope you like my photographs from just two shopping forays. The look seems to fit the season, don't you think?


  1. Such lovely selections Mark! I have some mercury glass Christmas ornaments that I just love. I've definitely thought of buying more pieces (especially after viewing this post)!


  2. Thanks, H.H. - I've been looking at this year's Christmas ornaments (it's not even Thanksgiving yet!) and thinking of incorporating some into the year-round decor ...