Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Button-Buying Spree

I'm very fond of late 19th century buttons, which were often made by combining various metals in intricately detailed layers. Last weekend I purchased these little gems, and they please me as much as if I were collecting Vermeers. The buttons above are made of cut steel and brass. Such buttons were usually made in two layers, as in the illustration below.



  1. it is All in the Details, and these little treasures have it All. How extensive is your button collection? pgt

  2. Hi, Gaye! You are right about the details, which is of course my attraction to these marvelous designs. I often look at old buttons through a loop, and the designs are just as impressive when magnified.

    This is a relatively new collection for me, and it numbers only several hundred. Nonetheless, I buy only what I consider to be unusual designs, and mostly from dealers. Many of my buttons have "gems," cameo-like portraits, and inlays.

    I'll be sharing one of my favorites each month in the sidebar Antique Button of the Month.

  3. I am sneaking in your home to steal these! They are really good. The colors and ornate them!

  4. Hi, Theresa! There's something here for everybody. The design in the upper left looks Art Deco, doesn't it?

  5. Mark,
    I will scour the Brooklyn Flea for you. There are some large button collections there.

  6. Thank you, Buoni!! But be careful, you might get hooked!