Sunday, March 20, 2011

A $600,000 House

Minutes away from my own neighborhood is the old beach community of Pass-A-Grille. As you can see by the map above, it's an historic district that boasts water views in every direction. Recently, a house in Pass-A-Grille (indicated by the red dot) sold for a little under $600,000.

Here's the $600,000 house!

Here's the view from the $600,000 house. Don't you suppose a slightly larger house will soon be built here?


  1. Wow! Location, location. location! I think the new owners will "tweek" things a bit.

  2. Quick, call the National Trust! There must be a way to save this prime example of vernacular architecture before it is lost!

  3. Hello Mark,
    Our Canadian equivalent can be found all over Vancouver, BC.
    Thanks, that was fun.

  4. Alas, there is no community effort to save this little jewel. On the plus side, I think it will make a fine on-site contractor's office.

  5. Mark,
    Fear not!
    I'm glad you like my little jewel. I don't intend to make many changes to this classic example of 20th century Vista Mare architecture. I will be moving the AC unit to the front left window, where I believe it is traditionally mounted, and I will take down the handrails, which I believe are a later addition. I am also looking for a whirligig to complete the landscaping.

  6. Dear Joseph, surely a purist such as yourself knows that the landscaping is not complete without three whirligigs.

  7. There is something very endearing about this modest little white frame cottage. In the age of supersizing, so many have forgotten the liberating aspect of such simple accommodations.

    Some of the world's greatest painters and writers spent time devoted to their art in houses as small as this. I don't understand the modern mania for putting up palatial 5,000 square foot "cottages."

    I remember, once upon a time, when such structures dotted Cape Cod, and gave it the special, very attractive ambiance of holiday times.

  8. Hi, Terry! I think the neighbors will be happy to see this disappear. But I also think they'll miss it when the next abode takes up every square inch of the plot and blocks the whole sun!